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Mar, 15, 2023
Web Development

The Web Development Life Cycle - Web Development in Dubai

A high-functioning website is now essential for every business as it is now the primary source to promote the brand, its products & services. The increase in digital commerce made it very essential for businesses to have a highly functional website that fulfills not only the company’s business requirements but also has all the functionalities necessary to facilitate customers.

Web Development in Dubai

Businesses hire digital marketing agencies to design and develop their business websites. You can find, a lot of companies offer web development in Dubai at reasonable prices. The web development lifecycle is composed of different phases and stages which are given as under:

Research, Analysis & Requirement:
The most important part of the website lifecycle is gathering information to list all the functionalities and requirements in a document. It will not only help the business owners to have a clear idea but also will help the team to know what they are going to work on. As it clarifies the purposes of the website, it will help to specify what type of website or app is needed. Also, know about the target audience, and most importantly, don’t forget to check your competitors.

From the information in this first phase, you will gather & extract the website requirements. It will help you draw a requirement list to hand over to the web development company. It will also state what customer needs, and what business needs to have on the website. All the requirements in a document are handed over to the web development company in Dubai.

Planning, Strategy & Implementation:

Upon receiving the requirement document, the digital marketing agency teams start the strategy, & the implementation methodologies are set. The design team is also involved and they present their strategies about the structure and functionalities. A planning team is formed with each member having a clear role and a clear task allocated. The website technology stack is also decided and teams or formed.


Design team after requirement document analysis starts working on the wireframes & builds the mockups, which are shared to be checked and finalized. The layout/mockup or the initial graphic representation is shared, and upon approval, the design team designs the fully functional website design which upon approval is sent to the development team to start working on. The design is made according to the requirements documents shared. In a professional digital marketing agency Dubai, digital marketing input is also included to design search engine-friendly websites. 


The development team starts working on the design to develop a fully functional website. This stage of the website life cycle includes both the client side and the server side. The most time-consuming process just starts, the web designers integrate all the functionalities and components and make the skeleton. CSS, HTML & JavaScript is used.  Backend development is about producing and developing the actual functionalities and features of the website. All the digital marketing rules and regulations are kept in consideration while developing a website.


Testing is to check every corner and aspect of any website, including buttons, functionalities, and features. Quality assurance engineers teams apply rapid testing & perform repeated testing which are integration testing, load testing, and unit & stress testing. They also test the project consistency and functionalities one by one. User experience aspects are also checked and a report is generated with all the bugs and feature enhancements. 


After resolving all the bugs & approved by the QA team, the website is deployed and released. User interaction is checked for a certain time and improvements are applied. Regular maintenance and updates are necessary to keep the website ahead of the competition & have high ranking chances.

In the web design and development process is very important to check each and every aspect thoroughly. Each functionality specified in the requirement list should be implemented while the web development should suggest any functionality which is not included in the requirement list, to make the website perfect.